Liberia elections: Ballot papers arrive in Monrovia

Ballot papers for the Liberia 2017 elections arrived on Saturday night in Monrovia, the capital.

They were offloaded off an Egyptian carrier under tight security at the Roberts International Airport before being taken to the National Elections Commission(NEC) head office.

The three million copies are only for the presidential vote, and more are expected by September 28.

Liberian NEC says by the end of the month, ballot papers for the House of Representatives will have arrived as well.

“I feel great that we are on course and this is for the presidential race and the representative will arrive by the 28, but we will start distribution of the presidential before the 28th.”

NEC chairman, Councillor Jerome Korkoya, added that the boxes will be highly protected until October 10 when Liberians take to the polls.

#Eueomliberia observes arrival of ballot papers for presidential election in #Monrovia #LIBERIA .— EU EOM Liberia 2017 (@EUEOMLiberia) September 23, 2017

The government has spent a tune of $1.5 million on printing costs in Slovenia and Ghana, which also printed the 2011 ballot papers.

20 candidates including a former footballer and an ex rebel leader are contesting to replace President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

The National Elections Commission has certified 986 candidates running for 73 seats in the House of Representatives.

With a population of 4.6 million, focus is more on a leader who will save the West African country that has scars from a protracted war and is struggling to revive an economy that is suffering from the fall of iron ore prices – its biggest source of revenue and the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

Photo: @EUEOMLiberia