Salva kiir blames organised forces for criminal activities and mismanagement in Juba city.

Juba–  The president of the republic Salva kiir Mayardiit has today addressed a one day conference attended by senior and junior officers from organized units that include police, prison, wildlife and fire brigade service.

Salva kiir told the officers to be law abiding and respect the rights of the civilians in and around Juba, he said, the rate of crimes have scaled up in Juba and most the crimes are being committed by members of the organised forces in the residential areas.
In his address,  kiir accused senior some senior officers of being  part of the problem ,he sternly warned all the officers that will be found committing crimes to be dismissed and punished. He further accused them of misusing public properties like govt vehicles to carryout unlawful activities against the civilians in the city.

The deployment of regional protection forces(RPF)  were purposely brought to protect our civilians we failed to protect. The crimes of killing and looting in the country have brought what we called to the RPF in our country he added.

He calls upon all the the units to cooperate with RPF. 
Furthermore, President Kiir acknowledged some of the challenges, saying that he is aware that the police force and other security organs face logistical challenges such as lack of weapons , uniforms and designated vehicles for mobility and security services.