Sex Scenes: How they pull it off in movies?

A sex scene in the Nollywood movie Room 027

Find out how they make sex scenes in movies and TV series.

Have you wondered how sex scenes are pulled off in movies?

When you watch 'Game of Thrones' or Omotola Jalade Ekeinde in her latest movie, the sex scenes look very real. It really looks like two people having sex.

Sorry to burst your bubble guys but it’s only in porn films that real sex happens. Everything you see on your TV screen and the big screen is just acting and nothing else.

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You might think that sex scenes in movies are the real thing, but if you talk to most actors it is a boring and dull experience.

These are some of the tricks that directors use to get a steamy sex scene.

1) Body Double

This is very popular in shooting sex scenes. Just like in many action films, a body double is used for the nude shots in sex scenes.

Most of the times you see a naked body in a sex scene it is not the actor or actress. They have been replaced by people who have the same body structure as them.

In a 1995 movie, The Prostitute, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde made headlines for the sex scenes in the movie. Many people thought she appeared nude in the movie. She didn't "From the movie poster to the sex scenes, whatever in that movie was shot after I left there, but was shot as if I was the one who did it" she revealed in a 2014 interview with Encomium.

2) Clever camera angles


Now some of you can swear that this actor or actress was nude in a scene or movie. Are you really sure? Look again. The only time you see the supposedly nude actor’s face is during close up shots. When it’s the wide shot you see a nude person, the body double.


With good editing, your mind actually thinks it is the actor that is nude. Clever camera angles also create the illusion that there is penetration when there isn’t. Look at Game of Thrones or Spartacus, two series with high sexual content. Study how camera angles are used to make you believe it’s the real thing.

3) Special body suits


There are some actors and actresses who don’t mind going nude for sex scenes. Well, they don’t totally go nude because they wear special body suits to make them look naked.


You have to realize that people don’t have sex on TV and movies. It’s all an illusion created by good direction, body doubles, camera angles and really good editing.