Opinion Poll: Kids from a previous relationship; is this a deal breaker?

Presence of kids; a deal-breaker or not?

Would it bother you if someone you've just met has one or two kids from a past relationship?

Will you still be interested if you meet someone new who has kids from a previous relationship?

Picture this for just a moment; you go out one weekend and notice this absolutely striking stranger who just won't stop stealing glances at you.

The staring and eye-averting game continues long enough for you to know that there's surely an attraction from their side of the room to yours.

Long story short, he or she eventually works up the courage to walk over and introduce themselves before the end of the night.

Of course, they were charming enough to earn them your phonenumber.

After some weeks, maybe months of phone-calls, nice dates and proper conversations, you're absolutely impressed and have become endeared to them.

Things look really good. You're going slow and steady but deep down you know it's only a matter of time before you become official but then there's something bugging you…

There's a kid, [maybe two] in the picture.

A child they've had due to unprotected sex when they were young and free, maybe from a previous broken marriage or from a deceased spouse.

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The question is this; what do you do? How would you react to meeting and falling in love with someone who has a kid – stick or twist?

For some, kids are automatic deal breakers. It does not matter how great the personality of the person is or the circumstances surrounding their particular situation. Once they see kids, they run.

And for some others, kids only become deal breakers conditionally. So far there's no baby mama or baby daddy drama, these ones do not mind sticking with you.

The last category of persons only care about you. So far they are happy with you and you give them the kind of vibes they'd love to see in a partner, they're good.

It does not matter whether you have four kids, or that those kids are from four different mothers/fathers who are still somehow in the picture [because of the kids, of course].

So in which category do you belong? Let us know in the poll below.

Is the presence of kids an automatic deal breaker for you?