Council of Ministers approves establishment of Safe Demilitarized Zone

The Council of Ministers has approved the establishment of a Safe Demilitarized Zone along the common border that South Sudan and Sudan had earlier agreed upon.

A document prepared by the Joint Political and Security Committee identified four areas for its implementation.

They are Panakuach, Joda, Majok Nyinpio and Kiir Adem.

It is not clear which areas have been identified on the Sudanese side.

But Information Minister Michael Makuei told the press after Council of Ministers meeting on Friday that the four corridors will be the crossing points into South Sudan.

“The resolutions which were passed included the establishment of the Safe Demilitarize Zone and the need to sensitize the civil population along the border line that the border between the two countries,” said Mr Makuei.

The Safe Demilitarized Zone is made up of temporary lines that enable establishment of the buffer zone between Sudan and South Sudan.

According to the Cooperation Agreement, each side will create a ten-kilometer buffer zone of the areas identified.