Gunshot wound cases overwhelm Juba Teaching Hospital

Cases of gunshot wounds have overwhelmed the Juba Teaching Hospital this month, according to a doctor at the health facility.

Dr Dalia Rhoda – who is the general surgery registrar at the state-run hospital – says they have registered 15 cases this month so far.

She said most of the people wounded are victims of armed robberies.

Such incidents occur at Gudele, Gurei, Shirkat, and Gumbo, according to the doctor.

“Most of the cases of the gunshot that have been reported in April, with more than 15 cases and two deaths,” she told Eye Radio.

In January, there were only three cases and in February, there were no cases reported.

Dr. Rhoda believes that the attackers are trained gun users.

“They report with the injuries mostly in the extremities that is the arms, the legs,” she added.

“That means the intention of the shooting wasn’t to kill that person exactly but just to cause some mental games.”

Senior government officials have said that some members of the organized forces, including SPLA, police and National Security, are involved in violent robberies in the capital, Juba.