Man arrested for kidnapping travelers on Juba-Yei road

A man was arrested along Juba-Yei road while coordinating a ransom to be paid for release of some travelers his group held hostage over the weekend, according to the SPLA Spokesperson.

Brigadier Lul Ruai said the captives were Ugandans who were travelling to Yei when they fell into an ambush on the road.

They were then dragged to the forest where their captors established contacts with the relatives who promised to pay three million pounds in exchange for their freedom.

“The person who was in charge of their communication turned off their phones and threatened he would kill the captives if three million pounds was not delivered within the shortest time possible,” said Brigadier Lul.

Speaking on the state-run SSBC on Monday evening, Brigadier Lul said the suspect, identified as Galuak Tut was the facilitator.

He was arrested by the military intelligence during a manhunt after relatives of hostages reported the matter.