‘No agenda for South to South talks’

A civil society leader says there is no agenda for the South to South talks which started on Thursday morning in a closed door meeting.

The talks, meant to allow South Sudanese parties to share their views and come to a common ground, is being done ahead of the start of the revitalization forum.

Rajab Muhandis, the Executive Director of the South Sudan Network for Democracy and Elections, said parties will come up with the agenda during the talks.

“At the moment broadly…there is no agenda for the discussion among the South Sudanese stakeholders. So we will get into the hall and agree how to move with the discussion,” he told the media.

The continuation of the second phase of the peace talks is expected to kick off on Thursday afternoon in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The IGAD-led High Level Revitalization Forum was proposed in June 2017 to discuss full implementation of the 2015 peace agreement and develop a revised and realistic timeline.

It is also meant pave way for elections.


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