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South Sudan: World Vision South Sudan: East Africa Hunger Crisis Situation Report | Apr 1 – Apr 30 2018

Source: World Vision
Country: South Sudan

Key Messages

  • Education: All states in South Sudan are grappling with quality education service delivery. With adult illiteracy at 27 per cent, a UN report said it is the highest in the world.
    Support on education that promotes access and retention reinforces will improve the quality of primary education.
    Creating interest in education and improving performance at all level is a factor of so many ingredients including creating a safe and protective learning environment.

  • Food insecurity: Currently, more than 7 million South Sudanese face an alarming food insecurity situation. Along with this, over a million children are suffering from malnutrition. The World Food Programme (WFP) recently expressed concern that famine could reoccur. The WFP officials have however reiterated their readiness to respond, working with partners such as World Vision. The efficiency of the response work also largely depends on the political and security situation in the country.

  • Optimize the response: Scaling interventions in a conflict sensitive way while increase investment in recovery and resilience programming will have the greatest impact on South Sudan’s ability to face and bounce back from the numerous vulnerabilities they are currently facing. World Vision’s food and cash assistance programme have reached over a million people. The programme also builds capacity of beneficiaries to start small businesses and learn new skills that would allow them to help themselves long after the assistance is completed.

  • Centrality of protection: The protection crisis is the primary force behind rising hunger and malnutrition. Trends continue to show that food insecurity rises wherever significant and/or prolonged violent conflict occurs. This has contributed to the deepening, spreading and acceleration of the crisis, and the number of children impacted by it. Addressing the current crisis will require more innovative thinking and approaches by all. This is particularly true for those engaging in peace making for South Sudan

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