What you have to know about Alijoma’s musical journey

What you have to know about Alijoma’s musical journey

Alijoma ,aka Alikombo is a south Sudanese artist doing Afro-beats,reggae and dancehall genres signed under World Class Entertainment,he was born in Nyaang Pathuyieth (Mathiang) on 28th,August 1991 and raised in Bor Town(B.T)
Besides that,Alijoma is also a songwriter,vocalist known for his overall hits “Yin Ca Leech Mama” among others.

Yin ca leech mama” is an appreciation song in Dinka Language dedicated to all world mothers by Alijoma besides that,this song is botanically and lyrically meaningful,indeed it rose him to fame in 2014 though it wasn’t his first song.

In the lyrics,he was simply thanking the mothers of how they gave birth,raised & looked after us through day and night (toddler to our
presence),how they never left u & forgot us.

All in all,this song opened a way for the Alijoma that you know today and from the genesis of this,he started releasing hits after hits eg Karatoon,Berke,Dong ke Lek, Jal Tek Tino, Nyan Mayardit,Yin Be Kidie and his latest song Alithbet which is now rocking and hitting in and out Africa like Australia.

Alijoma,also won awards from various SSD Music Awarding Companies like South Theatre Academy (STA) where he won the Male Artist of the year and also Sstya South Sudan Awards where he won the Song of the Year 2017/2018 with his hit entitled “Jal TikTënno”

Written by Promota Santos

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