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Differences emerge as People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) rejects latest proposal

People’s Democratic Movement (PDM),
July 18, 2018,, UNITED KINGDOM,

Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance;
Mindful that Sudan Government’s mediation in Khartoum has repeatedly and persistently insisted on presenting its proposal for a bloated government as a purported agreement by all parties on “Outstanding Issues of Governance”, and with Salva Kiir as the President of a proposed revitalized TGONU based on ARCSS 2015, PDM would like to take this opportunity to inform the mediators and the public that:

1. Khartoum mediators proposal for “Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance” is not consistent with SSOA’s position as communicated to the mediators, and the statement issued by SSOA this week, rejects this latest proposal.

2. The proposal does not reflect the position of PDM which calls for adoption of Federal Governance during the transitional period, based on three (3) autonomous regions with their borders of the three provinces of Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal as they stood on 1st January 1956.

3. The proposal does not reflect PDM people-centric position for power sharing between three federal regions on 33.33% for each region, and not allocation of power to political elites and their movements by a stroke of a pen.

There now seems to be a communication emanating from the mediation in Kharoum, quoting the Sudan Foreign Minister, Mohammed Eldirdiri, purporting that all the parties to the talks in Khartoum have agreed to their proposal on “Outstanding Issues of Governance.”

This could not be further from the truth and PDM wish to categorically refute this claim. As member of SSOA, neither PDM nor SSOA have reversed their expressed positions on the proposal, and have not endorsed it individually nor collectively as an alliance.

PDM as a member of SSOA has not given consent or authority to SSOA to sign the Khartoum Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance.

The communication from mediators in Khartoum that an agreement has been reached by all the parties is therefore misleading, inaccurate and not being factual.

Any member of SSOA who is so interested to sign the Khartoum Agreement on Outstanding issues should sign it on their own behalf individually and in the name of their own party or organization.

The interim Chair of SSOA, Mr. Gabriel Changson Chang, has no authority of SSOA to sign the Khartoum Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance on behalf of SSOA.

Dr. Hakim Dario
PDM Chair

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