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3 wild ways to do doggy position in style

3 wild ways to do doggy position in style

The doggy style is an all-access pass to pleasure.

The doggy sex position is as vanilla as the missionary in the regard that it's easy to execute.

However, the doggy style still has the flare of rocky road, as it gives you the ability for hair pulling, ass smacking, long-deep dick downs, and extra clitoral stimulation.  This position is a distinct position, especially because within that one position there are a million other variations to be executed. Below are 3 doggy style positions that allow you to get in tune with your more wild side.

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1. The mistress

The mistress is the modified version of the wheelbarrow, the version that doesn't require upper arm strength. Just sit with your knees straddled apart and lie on your stomach. Place your arms firmly on the ground/bed and slightly bend your arms into a "crouching tiger" position. Let your partner sit in between your straddled legs on his knees, raise your legs, and pull you in. Here you will lock your legs around their waist, and they will guard you, grabbing onto your upper thigh and butt before going in.


2. The leapfrog

In order to do this right, you'll need to crouch froggy style. Sit on a hard surface in a squat position depending on your partner's height. Once you're in your squat, lower your hands to the ground. Here, you will lean into your man.


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3. The clapper

Sitting on your knees, you will lean forward pressing your head to the bed. Your arms should come out slightly in front and your butt should now be tooted. Your partner will sit on top of your feet with his legs straddled around you. Get comfortable here and your man will put his hands behind him and lie back on them.

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