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3000 opposition & SSPDF troops receiving training in Yei River

The deputy chief of defense says the army is training 3,000 soldiers in line with the new peace agreement.

The revitalized peace agreement calls for security reforms.

Previous reports indicate that most soldiers are untrained, illiterate, loyal to individual generals, and controlled by political leaders.

Besides, the army is often accused of committing human rights abuses, including rape and targeted killing.

“We are not scientifically going to this percentage that has been allowed in the agreement. We are not renegotiating,” said General Johnson Juma Okot, at a meeting of the strategic Defense and Security Review board.

General Okot, who is also a member of the mechanism, said the soldiers are being trained in Yei River State:

“We say for confidence building IO bring 1500, SSPDF bring 1500. We are training them in Morobo for a confidence building,” he said.

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