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4 ways to upgrade your look before the year ends

New year, new you?

The year is almost coming to an end. Do you intend on stepping into the new year a new you? Say by revamping your wardrobe?

If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Every now and then, as a woman, you should update your overall look, not just to look to good but also to feel good about yourself and get a boost of self-confidence. Most of the time, we get so caught up in work, school or parenting that we forget to take care of ourselves and before we know it, everyone we meet tells us that we look tired. Not quite the remark anyone wants to hear huh? If you have let yourself go, your clothes seem boring and you somehow need to get back your groove, then this is how you can update your look:

1. Hair.

Hair is everything. In fact, a good hairstyle is totally underrated. You could have the most expensive dress in the room, but if your hair looks shaggy, that takes off even 5 marks, leaving you looking shabby. A good hairstyle is essential to not just complete the look but also give you a whole new look. Take for instance, how one looks so transformed after getting a haircut. It’s almost like being reborn. Think of switching up the hair, maybe, give your signature look, be it a wig or braids a break and try a completely different look that’s also easy to manage and maintain. Again, you don’t wanna be stuck with a hairstyle that you cannot really keep up with and while at it, do ensure that it’s age appropriate and suits your face shape. If you’re not looking for a dramatic make-over you could try a pop of color or a simple but eye-catching crochet style for instance.

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2. Wardrobe.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a nice shopping? Treat yourself to trendy and stylish wardrobe staples that are perennial. Items that you can pair with everyday basic items to look stylish. Staples like duster coats, a nice leather jacket, a statement pair of heels, a good pair of jeans and a nice white shirt and blazer for instance are must-have wardrobe possessions that can be paired with many other basic items to achieve different looks.


3. Accessories.

A good accessory can effortlessly turn an outfit from 0-100. Invest in different jewelry, hair accessories, hats, sunglasses and bags that you can grab to complete different looks and add a bit of flair.


4. Makeup.

2019 we are getting our winged liners perfect yes ladies? A little makeup every now and then never hurt anyone. It’s not always that you will have time to get your face beat so, once in a while, you should switch things up a little bit and put on that red lippie. Makeup not only enhances your beauty, but also makes you feel good about yourself. While at it, don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize!

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