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4 ways you’re ruining baby’s sleep without knowing it

By three to four months, most babies (not all) are ready to sleep through the night if we let them.

But these four mistakes by mum and dad can turn the baby into a poor sleeper.

4 Common errors to avoid.

1. Too Alert

Are you that mum that rushes to comfort your baby at every little cry? I used to be that mum too so you are not alone. As loving as this act of kindness seem, it’s more harmful than it is useful. Here is why. Always showing up when your baby encounters the slightest discomfort will never allow her to self-soothe. If she whines, leaves her to adjust to the most comfortable position herself, and if she eventually cries out, wait for at least 5 minutes before attending to her to see if she will settle in. Gradually extend the waiting time to 10 minutes.

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2. Rocking Baby To Sleep

It is best to rock till the baby is clam so she can practice self-soothing (it takes a while, but she will get there). If your baby gets used to rocking to sleep, she will depend on it every time she needs a nap and won’t be able to fall asleep on her own.

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3. Confusing Day And Night

Help your baby tell the difference between day and night with simple activities like talking loudly and loud music during the day and using a hushed tone at night. Also letting in a lot of light during the day and little or no light at night. This simple act will help your child organize his natural sleep rhythms.

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4. Putting her to bed with a bottle

According to sleep consultants at, “When your baby falls asleep drinking a bottle, the formula can pool in her mouth, leading to tooth discoloration and decay. Sleeping with a bottle also increases her risk of ear infection and also, he begins to get used to sucking to sleep.

What other great tips worked for you? Please share in the comments.

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