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5 hot positions that will renew your sex life

5 hot positions that will renew your sex life

Try these awesome sex positions to reignite your sex life.

One thing that can have a big impact on the quality of your sex is the concept of sex positions.

To make them easier to imitate, and to jumpstart your imagination, here are some awesome sex positions to renew your sex life tonight.

1. Amazon

The standard version features the man on his back with his legs raised in the air, knees bent back towards his chest. The woman then mounts him, crouching over him from above in a kneeling or squatting position. It takes a bit of flexibility, but the intensity felt in this position is worth the effort.


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2. Lotus

To achieve the position, the man sits down and crosses his legs, while the woman sits on top of his crossed legs, crossing her own legs tightly behind his back. Wrap your arms around his neck and allow your mate to help you as you find pleasure in this position.


3. Standing doggy

Standing doggy means you can do it anywhere. It can be in the bedroom or in the kitchen. Just bend over, attaching yourself on either a wall, or using your calves, or even the floor. Your partner will enter you from behind. You'll back it up to meet his thrusts. And you can increase the intensity of the pleasure felt by spreading your feet wider or bending your knees slightly to adjust his angle and depth.


4. Bridge

For women who have problems with achieving orgasm, this one's for you. Start by getting into the missionary position, then have your partner kneel in between your legs. Arch your back slightly and have him pull your hips towards his pelvis. Have him spread his knees wide enough that you can rest your ass on his thighs with ease as he takes you.

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5. Spiderweb

The two of you lie on your sides, face to face. Your legs will go through his, bringing him deeper inside of you upon penetration. The intimacy and the sensuality are still present, but this position offers greater depth and easier access to different body parts during the act. While he gyrates his hips in a slow grind, you can reach down to rub your clit, and he can intensify things even further by playing with your tits.


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