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5 reasons your pregnancy test reads positive but you are not pregnant

Here's why

Although most pregnancy kits boast of being 99% accurate, they are still not perfect.

As such, you may actually test positive when you are not even pregnant. But besides the kit not being accurate, there are other instances when you can still get a false positive pregnancy test.

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These are some of the causes of false positive pregnancy test:

1. The kit is expired

If you bought a kit to test at home and you got a false positive, the kit could be expired. And if indeed it was expired, the results will definitely be faulty.


2. Medications

If you have been trying to get pregnant and are on medication, they may affect the pregnancy results. Some women are injected with hCG hormones to cause ovulation. Since hCG is the hormone that shows whether you are pregnant or not, you might end up getting a false positive test.

3. Recent birth or miscarriage

If you recently had a miscarriage or gave birth, the hCG levels could still be present in the body thus giving you a false positive. After a miscarriage or birth, hCG stays in the body for several weeks and sometimes stays until your next period.

4. Medical conditions


Although not very common, some medical conditions trigger the body to produce hCG. Ovarian cysts, menopause, UTI, kidney disease and ovarian cancer are just some of the conditions that may cause a false positive pregnancy test.

5. Evaporation lines

Every kit comes with a set of instructions that must be followed strictly for accurate results. Some kits indicate two lines if positive and one line if negative. The instructions may also involve reading the results within a particular period. If you read the results after the recommended period, you may get a false positive. As the urine evaporates, extra lines may form hence causing confusion.

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