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6 things to know before you put on dreadlocks

Bear these things in mind

Dreadlocks are becoming a common hairstyle for both men and women. Even kids nowadays rock dreadlocks. If you have been thinking about putting on dreadlocks, there are a few things you should know that will make your journey easier:

1. You will get all sorts of comments

Yap gif (Tenor)
Yap gif (Tenor)

Be prepared for this. Curious people will ask whether you wash them and others might even wonder if you have become a Rastafarian. Still, others might suggest that you are being rebellious and there is more to your locks than just a hairstyle. Brace yourself.

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2. You can have temporary locks

If worrying that you will have to cut your hair when you no longer want the locks is the problem, fret not. You can still do temporary locks which you can undo after a certain period.

3. Yes, you have to wash them


Hair wash days are probably not fun at all and if you thought that getting dreadlocks will save you from that, sorry. Your locks still need to be washed regularly lest they accumulate dirt and become smelly.

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4. You still need a sleeping cap

Important gif (Tenor)
Important gif (Tenor)

If you want your locks to be in good condition, you have to protect them as you do with any other hairstyle. Wear a sleeping net when going to bed and cover your head when doing chores that involve dust such as gardening.

5. You must dry them properly

Ever had your braided or weaved hair rained on? If yes, then you know how gross and smelly it can be. That is the same thing that happens when you clean your locks but fail to dry them properly.

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6. Patience is crucial

Patience gif (Giphy)
Patience gif (Giphy)

From the installation process, seeing your locks grow, and, waiting for them to dry, it all requires a lot of patience. You might even have to make several visits to your loctician at the beginning for them to turn out perfectly.

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