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AAH ranks South Sudanese men the most lazy in Africa

Action Against Hunger (AAH), a global humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide has ranked South Sudanese men the most lazy in the entirety of Africa according to reports released by BFM TV of France.

Olivier Truchot, a news anchor at BFM TV shared the ranking yesterday evening detailing the agendas discussed at the AAH meeting which was held in Paris on Friday morning.

The program which was meant to analyze the achievements, failures and challenges the French owned organization faced for the year 2018 shocked viewers with news of African workforce ranking.

The first hand information which came from a trusted source based in France landed on our table this morning and it shocked us that South Sudan tails as South Africa scoops the Country with most hardworking men in Africa.

In AAH analysis we are informed of various points that prove South Sudanese men to be the most lazy in Africa. These points were read out by the AAH Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Tamburini.

As disclosed by the source, Tamburini said, South Sudanese men hate manual jobs which are the foundation of development and instead they look for office jobs which are very scarce in their country.

He continued, The South Sudanese youth are so drowned into practices which are not beneficial. I sent agents to monitor the situation in their Country but the reports broke my heart as many are drowned into music, wrestling, traditional dance, cultural games and cheering sports.

It concerns them a lot that there are so many South Sudanese refugees in Africa and outside compared to other African countries. Tamburini praised South African men for the hard work they are putting in bettering their lives and that of their nation at large.

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The organization has plans for South Sudanese but they are afraid to help people who are not willing to help themselves. In conclusion, Tamburini explained how important and convenient it is to fill a void where people are trying their best.

The analysis was based on what African men are doing for their respective countries as women are generally influenced and fall under men`s efforts no matter the country and location.

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