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Boat Ride and Island Barbecue
The Oasis Camp have two boats and an Island downstream. They organize boat rides, picnic parties or a buffet lunch on the Oasis Sunset Island. The rides are $20 per person, while a boat ride and buffet will be around $35 per person.

Mountain Climbing
Hiking Guide Jebel Kujur and the Rock City Area : Gabriel is a college student who enjoys hiking. You can reach him on 0903 031 079. He is happy to start from 40 SDG for a short hike (from foothill to the top of the hill) and for long one (going through the valley, about 3~4 hour hike) for 50SDG/hr. Hope you too enjoy the greatest view in the town!

Rotary Club
There is a newly formed branch of the Rotary Club that meet at Juba Grand Hotel every Tuesday evening. They have speakers on various topics and have started charitable projects as well. The Rotary Club of Juba celebrated the official chartering on Saturday, 12 June. Guests came from many countries to join the festivities. Tickets were SDG 100 each. The programme started at 5.45 PM at the Juba Grand Hotel with traditional dancers and sacrifice of a white bull (the real thing, not the beer). Below is a picture of the President of the club performing the official “Jumping over the White Bull”, the local way of celebrating a big event. A delicious buffet dinner was served, with a well known DJ playing music.(He intends to open the first Disco soon) I hope you were part of this historic event, chartering of the first Rotary Club of Southern Sudan and only the second club in Sudan.

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Hash Harriers
For those who like to run aimlessly around town, then drown themselves in beer, there is a hash club that meets every Saturday. It is a fun club.

AFEX Quiz Nite
If you are very smart, try this club that meets every Tuesday night at AFEX at the bar counter. Make sure you eat first, the cheapest snack is a pizza at around 40 pounds.

Jubalicious Google Group
Check the internet for this, it serves as a notice board for what’s up as well as for sale and other advertisements.

There is a google group named juba-dating-club, Log on to this and become a member if you are an NGO or UN staff wanting romance!!

Learn French
The French Cultural Center is in the University of Juba. There are classes twice a week from 5.30 to 7.30. I will go there to enroll. I need to brush up on my “Francais”. (Je Parle Francais, et toi??) Call 0955 381983

The Christians in Juba originally were mainly either Catholic and Anglican, however in recent years many denominations have sprouted. There are many churches all over town, each has 3 services, one in English, one in Arabic, and one in a local dialect, so make sure you go earlier to find out the times of each.

J.C.C. (Juba Christian Center)
This is the most ‘in fashion’ church, where the youth flock to. They have the most lively sermon and a great band and a jumping choir. The youth flock there. Go early if you want a seat, most sit outside on plastic chairs as its packed.
Located in Bulluk, on the road that joins Ministries and Juba University behind the South Sudan Hotel.8.30 is the English service, 11 is the Arabic.

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Seventh-Day Adventist Church (SDA)
The central church in Juba is located in Munuki, at the junction of the four main roads to Munuki, Gudele, Customs and Ministries called Kuwait Estate. SDA have branches at Rock City, Buluk, Thongping and Lologo. The expansive church compound of the SDA has many offices and institutions including the international NGO ADRA, a Clinic, a Primary school and a Vocational workshop. Since the church is on the junction of four main roads and near the main Customs buspark it is very easy to get there wherever you are coming from. Every Saturdays, their worship session is divided into two and these are bible studies (Sabbath School Lesson) which begins from 09:30AM – 11:30 AM and divine service program from 11:45am – 12:30 PM. SDA also have afternoon activities like singing choirs, pathfinders’ activities and others. The main languages used during the service hours are English and Juba Arabic. http://www.adventist.org

St Josephs – (Catholic)
This is the closest to town, although the church is small. The church is in the compound of the Arch Dioceses of Juba, which has very many offices and institutions including Caritas NGO, schools, a clinic, a pharmacy and other offices. The church is on the main road and on the main bus route making it very easy to get to wherever you are coming from.
There are three masses, Barre at 8, English at 10 then Arabic at 11.30. On weekdays there is a 7a.m. mass.

All Saints Cathedral, ECS, Episcopal Church of Sudan. (former Anglican)
This is near town, at the roundabout in Hai Cinema next to the Petronas petrol station on the road to Malakia. It is a very big church on a very big compound.
There are three services, Arabic at 9, English at 11 then Zande at 1 p.m.

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St Teresa Cathedral – (Catholic)

This is on a hill in the middle of Kator, a residential area. It is an imposing structure that is a landmark of the area, set on many acres. The tall and spacious church is at the far end of the large compound. There is also a primary school, secondary school and university on neighboring parts of the complex.
There are three services, Barre, Arabic, then English at 10.00

In Town Center
When in Juba town center, there are no churches in sight, only Mosques, so fellowship at Rebuilding Ministries International in Juba Raha Camp.

The Nigeria based Winners are very active. Their main church is a small place constructed with local materials at the lower end of Thong ping, take the VaMP road and go to the end. Their more popular place is on the main Wizara road in a rented room at the compuund of Sudan Council of Churces between UNDP and Ministry of Mining. Its a vibrant church.

There is a Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints up the hill near Rock City.

Juba International Fellowship meet Sunday evening for worship, prayer and Bible study from 5:15pm on Sunday at the SIL compound, near the Juba University.

Hindu Temple

There is a small Hindu worship room at the back of Jit Supermarket. Talk to the managers if you want to fellowship with them. There is also an Indian association that meets in different houses by rotation.


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