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Amadi & Jubek to coordinate removal of illegal checkpoints

The governor of Amadi state says he and the governor of Jubek have both ordered for the removable of all illegal checkpoints along the Mundri-Juba road.

According to State officials, there were more than 70 illegal checkpoints along the road. But in January, the two governors Joseph Ngere and Augustino Jadalla agreed to get rid of the road huddles.

This came after traders revealed that they had to increase the prices of goods because armed men were using the checkpoints to extort money from them.

“The other side from Luri, he [Jubek governor] will check, and I will be going in a week to meet him again… we have work on that,”said Governor Ngere

Recent UN reports have also shown that aid groups are being restricted by security agencies from delivering relief items to the vulnerable people in the areas affected by violence.

“So some are still around but we have ordered the removable of all the checkpoints. But I said in 7 days I will be going back to check,” added Ngere.

The governor revealed that the various speeches by the President against illegal checkpoints while touring the Bahr el Ghazal region has given them the impetus to aggressively clear all checkpoints.

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