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An advocate castigates BOSS’ decision to freeze detained Keribino Wol accounts

An advocate has criticized a decision by the Bank of South Sudan to freeze bank accounts and businesses of Kerbino Wol who is currently in detention.

He is being held at the National security or Blue House in Juba over what the government describes as “administrative detention pending court-martial”.

The young businessman owns a number of businesses in Juba, including a security company with about 2,000 workers.

Yesterday, the directorate of Suspension, Research, and Statistics at central bank ordered for closure of all financial accounts in the name of Kerbino Wol, including KASS private Security Company and any other related properties.

The order which Eye Radio has seen came just a few days after an attempted prison break by Kerbino.

Advocate Reech Malual who spoke to Eye Radio Friday questioned the legality of the decision.

“The decision of Central Bank is not really basic on rational. It is not even legally have a setting.  It is not legally consulting any legal facts within the Republic of South Sudan.”

“You cannot take a decision basic on suspicion you take a decision maybe when he is convicted and even if he is convicted, these companies are not full ownership of Keribino Wol”, Malual added.

Malual said freezing bank accounts is not only affecting Keribino but also employees and their families.

First of all the government is not creating jobs and the government is again closing down the job that has been created.”

He calls on the Bank to revise this decision, saying it is going to have a lot of negative impacts.

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So my take is this the central bank should really revise this decision because they are having a lot of impacts.”

The move comes just five days after Keribino Wol and other inmates protested what they called detention without justice by the National Security Service on Sunday.

BOSS directive


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