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Another senior SPLA-IO officer has died at a cantonment site in Amadi State due to “lack of medical attention”.

According to the Deputy Commander of the SPLA-IO forces at Ngiri encampment, Sgt.-Maj. Wilson Lewa Andrea died over the weekend because he could not get the necessary medication.

Maj.-Gen. Malish Barnaba said Sgt. they still do not have medical supplies at the cantonment site.

The death of Sgt.-Maj. Lewa brings the total number of deaths of senior SPLA-IO officers to four.

The Sector 6 Commander, Gen. Malish stated that Sgt.-Maj. Lewa died a few days after suffering from what seemed to be a stroke.

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He said the late was getting out of his tent at the cantonment site when he suddenly collapsed.

The Deputy Governor of Amadi State Manase Dobuyi confirmed the incident to Eye Radio.

He said the late was transferred to the nearby hospital due to lack of an emergency response team at the military site.

“He was taken to Lui Hospital where he spent like three days and then died, on the date 17 November,” he explained.

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In October, three senior officers, namely: Col. Stephen Dokolo, Lt. Col. Grand Leshono and Lt. Col. Linda Ari Komori, died at the same Ngiri cantonment site.

The SPLA-IO Sector Commander said they lost the soldiers because of lack of medicines.

There are 34 cantonment sites identified by the Joint Defense Board across the country.

However, the ceasefire monitoring body, CTSAM-VM, has reported a lack of logistical support, shelter, water, among others.

A significant number of opposition soldiers have reportedly left the cantonment sites in parts of the country over lack of food.

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According to reports, these soldiers sleep under trees and are forced to shelter with locals in their mud huts known as “tukuls” when it rains.

On Tuesday, the government reportedly wired into the account of the National Pre-Transitional Committee another $40 million for the implementation of pre-interim activities.

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