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AU Ranks South Sudanese the most violent in Africa

AU has ranked South Sudanese the most violent people in Africa and this includes verbal and physical violence. In a meeting held in Nairobi last week, many solid points were raised putting South Sudanese on the spotlight.

The report reached our table early yesterday. In The report, South Sudanese are known for provoking and physically fixing each other with numerous street and online fights presented. It is claimed that this is the very reason South Sudan is always in Skirmishes.

The AU meeting attendees agreed that even Somalians are a bit peaceful than South Sudanese as they rarely catch feelings when verbally attacked although their retaliation is known to be the worse.

The secretary pointed out how there has been cases of even fights in the refugee camps South Sudanese seek asylum. Paul Kagame agreeed to this claim and presented Kakuma Refugee camp as one place South Sudanese have been torturing the hell out of one another.

A Kenyan attendee wrapped up South Sudanese refugees’ general behaviour with how they even hunt one another in Nakuru And Nairobi with rebars, pangas and clubs for very silly reasons like online wars that they handle in person.

The Kenyan police report about South Sudanese living in Kenya seconded the claim indicating that it is the very reason they montitor their every move in Kenya. From online point of view, the AU agreed that South Sudanese are degrading the image of Africa with Facebook live wars where they blast one another on daily basis.

In terms of Entertainment Arenas, many cases of ruined South Sudanese events were brought to attention. It is said that fight ensues almost in all South Sudanese parties especially ones they take to clubs. This violent behaviour was concluded to be present wherever South Sudanese find themselves in groups including abroad.

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