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Baby on oxygen dies after hospital switches off generator

A father says his baby on oxygen died in his arms at a hospital
in Juba after the management switched off the generator over the weekend.

Baby Manasseh Chien was admitted to El Sabah children’s hospital
on the first of May for dyspnea – a difficulty in breathing.

His father Peter Madol says he had since then been on oxygen

Madol says due a policy of switching off the generator, his son
died on the 15th of May.

“When the generator was switched off, the oxygen machine had to
stop. The child breathed for sometime but the breathing stopped and he died. I
think it was a policy of the hospital that, the generator has to go off at
12:00 whether someone is on that support or not they just switch it off.”

The father of the deceased said that it was not the first time
he was witnessing such in the hospital.

“It has happened not only to my child. I have witnessed some two
other children during my 2 weeks stay in the hospital. It is painful not
because I lost a kid, it is painful because I am foreseeing other South
Sudanese dying the same way. If there was a kind of an intervention, it could
be better. It is painful because others are going to die the same way, the
government should intervene.”

This is the second time this year a child is being reported dead
under the same circumstance.

In early April, a civil society leader told Eye Radio that he
was shocked at how nurses at El Sabah Children’s hospital were handling the
sick children at the facility.

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Rajab Muhandis said, he noticed reluctance among health workers
on duty, congestion in the wards, poor hygiene and sanitation in the wards and
the surrounding and long hours of waiting before a child receives treatment.

“I was surprised by the experience I got in those health
centers. First the child was born at that clinic, the midwife who was in charge
of this process; who was on duty was harsh and aggressive towards my own people
who wanted to help and attend to the birth of the child and witness and maybe
support in the process.”


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