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Behavior of traffic police in Juba, a ‘threat’ to citizens – TNLA defense committee

The committee of defense, security, and public order in the transitional parliament said the behavior of traffic police in Juba is a threat to the public.

According to the TNLA information committee, this concern came after the minister of interior – Michael Changjiek – appeared before the committee on Tuesday.

Hon. Paul Yoane, the chairman of the information committee, said the lawmakers informed the minister of several issues, including harassment of owners of vehicles with tinted glass.

He said the committee made it clear to the minister that it’s not the making of the owners but the companies that are importing the cars.

During the meeting, the members of the committee of defense, security and public order at TNLA also discussed public bus operators that allow passengers to board and alight with the left door.

They told the minister that it’s very dangerous and more lives could be lost if no action is taken immediately.

They also talked about the logbook which is required to be renewed every year, a provision thought to be unreasonable.

The members advised the minister to follow the East Africa Community policy whereby logbook is never renewed unless the car is changing hands.

The MPs also alerted the minister that some members of the organized forces who drive around with numberless vehicles must abide by the law like everyone else, saying nobody is above the law.

The members also told the minister to address the threat posed by juvenile gangs locally known as “Niggas” who wield machetes and knives in residential areas.

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Hon. Yoane – who was briefing Eye Radio on the parliamentary agendas of the week this morning – said the committee also questioned why traffic police target and harass light-skinned South Sudanese:

“Some South Sudanese with light skin color are continuously being mistaken and harassed by our traffic police to be foreigners. The members raise it to the minister that, this one is actually is a concern because it painting a terrible picture on us the South Sudanese.”

Another concern raised before the minister is the charges levied on the local shops by the Fire Brigades.

“Some of the fire brigades police levied charges on the local shop by the fire brigade police, being the cost of fire extinguishers were also raised.”

Hon. Yoane went on to say that the minister of interior – Michael Chiangjiek – told the members of the committee that his ministry will soon address some of these concerns.

“Chaingjiek adequately responded to the quarries by the committee members regarding, the behavior of our traffic police which is becoming eminence, threat, pain, and some that are not pleasing especially our foreigners.”


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