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Best Aloe Vera Pre Poo II 4C Natural Hair

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Aloe Vera is a plant with many medicinal uses and incorporated into multitude of skin and hair regimens. I am going to highlight it’s use as a pre poo treatment for natural hair.

Pre Poo is short for a pre shampoo treatment. Why apply aloe vera pre poo?

Well, hair of African origin, the majority classifies as type 4C hair, is brittle and prone to breakage when under stress. This type of hair sheds easily as well. The sulfur present in commercial shampoos tend to cause additional breakage of hair. Other causes of stress for natural hair can be excessive dryness, cold weather, braids that are too tight pulling the hair from the roots, or even added hair that prevents the scalp from breathing especially when kept for too long. This hair type needs a lot of moisture.

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To reduce the shedding during washing, apply a pre poo treatment. Aloe vera is hands down the best pre poo treatment.

  • reduces shedding
  • moisturizes
  • infuses nutrients
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Recipe for: Aloe Vera Pre Poo II 4C Natural Hair


Aloe Vera Stalk, cut into chunks, then flesh out the pulp

Aloe vera juice, 1 tablespoon

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Food processor, to pulse the aloe vera pulp

2 applicator bottles

Pour mix avocado and olive oil in 1 applicator bottle

Knee high stockings

Shower cap


Directions on applying Aloe Vera Pre Poo

I will direct you to watch the youtube video below on Taste of South Sudan channel on the particulars of using Aloe Vera Pre Poo.

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