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Bleachers in Juba fleeing to Nairobi due to lack of bleaching products

The current ban on bleaching in South Sudan is greatly affecting bleachers who want to maintain their after bleaching looks. The shopkeepers are abiding by not importing more bleaching products and it is just rough on the consumers who are turning black and yellow due to withdrawals their bodies are facing.

The mix of intense heat and lack of creams in the capital has turned most of them leopards with black pimples popping on their changed skins. It is unbearable as put by one bleacher who requested anonymity. ‘We are suffering because the body is reacting to insufficience of what it is used to’, She said.

We managed to talk to one of Simba bus operators Kevin who said the business is now booming because bleachers never miss getting aboard on daily basis. He claims majority started fleeing to Nairobi last week and the number of bleached travellers is increasing.

It looks like some will resettle in Kenya as there are no reports of bleachers coming back to Juba. ‘I haven’t seen any bleacher on our return journeys so my guess is that they are completely fleeing to resettle in Nairobi where they can purchase and bleach at will’, Said Kevin.

A few are said to be illegally importing the products for their own consumption through their relatives and friends who travel to Juba from outside the country, however this is a risky business as the ban subjects the users and those in possession of the products to severe punishment.

The government is keeping an eye on the market and finding bleaching products in shops is becoming as hard as finding a polar bear in Africa. Nobody wants the risk of going to prison or paying the price for selling a product the government doesn’t want in the country. It’s going to be a very long year for bleachers in South Sudan.

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