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Blue Clitoris: Is it possible for girls to get blue balls?

Is it possible for girls to get blue balls?

A lady can have what we call "blue clitoris" for these reasons.

Blue balls occur when a man cannot release by climaxing for various reasons. He might have been holding out for too long because he wants to last longer for the sake of his partner’s pleasure, or his sexual mood may have been destroyed.

However, a woman can have what we call "blue clitoris" for the same reasons. The clitoris is really similar to the penis. When a woman feels the urge to have sex, her clitoris becomes infused with blood and tightens into a pink taut bud. The tension builds until orgasm ensues, after which the blood drains from the clitoris and it goes back to being the soft fold of skin on top of the woman’s inner lips. Because you know the pain of having blue balls, you should know that it’s equally painful for women to experience "blue clitoris."

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1. The mood break

When you’re having sex and the doorbell rings, don’t be surprised when you see your girlfriend walking in an odd manner. When these things happen, besides the discomfort below her belly (along the navel area); her clitoris might be feeling sore as it uncomfortably rubs against her panties in its hardened state.

2. The unfulfilled fantasy

During sex, your girlfriend might be considering a fantasy that keeps her aroused. It could be the same fantasy that she uses as masturbation fuel when she’s alone. When she looks up and realizes that you’re nothing like the “you” inside her fantasy, she might lose her mood completely even if her clitoris is still hard. Communication is the key to good sex, and if you manage to get her talking to you in fantasy mode, you know you’re on the right track.

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3. You had your climax too soon

Most guys can pick up where they left off when it comes to sex, that’s why the tension remains high even when you change positions. The sensation may vary, like when you shift from blow job to penetration, but the sexual tension in you will remain high. Sadly, women are not capable of picking up where they left off. If you get her close to orgasm by penetration then you suddenly climax, she won’t be able to climax soon after, even if she manages to fondle her clitoris like mad after you’ve climaxed. When you climax before a woman, one of the consequences is that you may have to deal with is her blue clitoris.

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