Brexit: ‘Expectations low’ as PM heads to Brussels

heresa May will urge other EU leaders to give ground on the issue of the Irish border when she addresses them at a summit in Brussels later.

Brexit talks are deadlocked over the border, but the EU says it’s up to the UK to bring new ideas to the table.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson says Mrs May will try to strike an upbeat tone about the significant progress that’s been made.

But he says expectations of any sort of breakthrough at the meeting are low.

The prime minister will address her fellow leaders on Wednesday evening, but will not be present at the meal where they will decide what to do next.

It had been hoped that they would agree to call a special Brexit summit next month to sign off the terms of a deal between the UK and the EU, but with such a deep chasm between the sides over the Irish border, the leaders are likely to be reluctant to do that.

The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will become the border between the UK and the EU when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March next year.

Both sides want to avoid that border having checkpoints or other physical infrastructure to carry out checks on goods, but they can’t agree on how that should be done.

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