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Calm restored after groups fight over a girl at Juba’s POC site

Calm has been restored at the UN Protection of Civilians site in Juba after a fight between two groups left one person dead over the weekend.

The clashes among two IDP groups within the camp was reportedly caused by an affair between a girl a boy from different clans.

On Saturday, one family reportedly attacked the other after it learnt that the boy impregnated their daughter.

This escalated when other families got involved.

Using crude weapons such as knives and spears, thirty six people were wounded during the fighting.

However, this morning, the IDP’s Secretary for Information told Eye Radio that tensions have reduced.

Khamis Amum said the clashes were unnecessary because the issue involved two young people who are in love with each other.

He called on the IDPs to embrace peace and dialogue as a means of resolving differences.

“We as IDPs don’t need to fight, because a lady has freedom to choose where to go. If something like this arises, let’s leave it to the older people, they know how to resolve it.” Khamis said.

Mr. Khamis also discouraged the use of tribes to segregate young people from befriending or falling in love with each other.

“My suggestion to any family who says a girl is not supposed to marry from the other tribe is that -that mentality can not take us forward. Those are old thinking not for the young people of these days,” he concluded.

A similar incident happened in 2015, when two groups fought over a girl. One person was killed in the incident.

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