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War stories

On the 16th of December I woke up early feeling strangely rested on a Monday morning. I had decided not to set my alarm after receiving a text message from my boss telling me to not come to work in the morning because of fighting among the presidential guard. I thought I had heard gunfire […]

Bor: The vultures, the flies, the smell…

In a little over a month, the town of Bor has changed hands between rival forces for four times (and counting) leaving behind disturbing evidence of carnage and destruction of a near-biblical scales. Reports have surfaced of sightings of rotting corpses and executions of the sick and the disabled in their beds in the hospital. […]

The Best Christmas Message 2013 for South Sudanese…

This Christmas I heard, watched and read various Christmas messages. Nothing has related to me like this piece below by Chris Kwoji, the creator of the #IChoosePeace twitter and facebook hastag. No need to say more If you think calling for peace is funny then consider this By Chris Kwoji If you were born and […]

South Sudanese Tweeps to follow on #SouthSudanCrisis

Originally posted on Lesley on Africa:
Last week, I compiled a list of people on twitter who I was following for information on the #JubaCrisis and #SouthSudanCrisis. Today, Aguil Lual Blunt (@AguilB), a South Sudanese-American fellow tweep, graciously compiled a list of South Sudanese on twitter who were tweeting on events in South Sudan as they unfolded. Local…

Kiir forms Crisis Management Committee, Reinstates SPLA Officers

President Kiir on Friday 20th December issues two republican decrees, one forming a Crisis Management Committee (CMC) and another reinstating some SPLA officers into active duty. The CMC is composed of 22 members, chaired by Vice-President Wani Igga and Telar Deng as deputy chairperson of the committee. The other 20 members are mainly presidential advisers […]

Plane Crash Renders Juba Airport Unlandable

A plane has crash-landed on the one and only run way of Juba International Airport (JIA) making it impossible for other planes to land or take off. No causalities have been reported. However, the International Organization for Disappointment Management (IODM), the organization that monitors international levels of simultaneous disappoints and frustrations, has reported that the […]

Juba, a day after…

It has been over 24 hours since the world and the peace loving citizens of South Sudan were told that a group of prominent and respectable politicians have tried and failed to overthrow by force the regime of General Salva Kiir Mayardit. Since the announcement was made and the rush finger-pointing, name-calling and labeling of […]