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Selection of articles and videos

South Sudan’s oil pollution crisis: twelve months of intensive coverage and intense concern   December 2018 We Are Witness Questions on oil pollution Date: December 1, 2018 We Are Witness Pushing oil companies to provide compensation We Are Witness South Sudanese student’s powerful article on oil pollution December 4, 2018   November 2018 Deutsche Welle Contaminated drinking water in South Sudan – no solution in sight Date: November 14, 2018 Deutsche Welle Verseuchtes Trinkwasser im Süd Sudan: Keine Hilfe in Sicht Date: November 07, 2018 Eye Radio Oil production at Unity’s Block 5 hugely curtailed

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Turning into an “ecological wasteland”

Oil pollution – turning South Sudan into an “ecological wasteland” – scientific study issued by UN environmental institute and Chinese university Published in October, 2018, “The Environmental and Social Impacts of Oil Exploration and Production on Melut Basin of South Sudan” was written by Emmanuel Ladu Legge Loro of the UN Environment – Tongji Institute of Environmental and Sustainable Development at Tongji University, Shanghai, P.R. China, and by Lu Zhibo, Loro’s supervising professor. Drawing upon the research commissioned and conducted by Germany’s Sign of Hope, the paper made the following key points: Oil pollution, spills and leaks have turned much

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Powerful article on oil pollution in South Sudan

Written by Kor Chop Leek, a concerned South Sudanese student The author is a concerned South Sudanese who is currently getting his masters in humanitarian and conflict studies at the University of Juba. His key points: Thanks to the scientific investigations conducted by Sign of Hope, the German-based NGO, the world has known about the contamination of South Sudan’s water by wastes and leaks from oil production – and has known it is producing stillborn and deformed babies, among many other negative effects. The main perpetrator is Petronas, the Malaysian oil giant. Twelve years of official and media reports on this

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Pushing oil companies to provide compensation

Parliament of South Sudan presses oil companies to compensate pollution victims By Joseph Oduha South Sudan’s National Legislative Assembly is pushing oil companies to provide compensation to the victims of their contamination of the country’s water. One of the leaders in the campaign for such compensation is James Lual, the head of the Assembly’s Petroleum and Mining Committee. Lual substantiates his call for the payment of such compensation by stating that the health and livelihoods of the people living in and around the Upper Nile’s oil fields are being severely and negatively affected by the pollution of the region’s water

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Questions on oil pollution

for the Honoruable Ezekiel Lul Gatkuoth, Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Republic of South Sudan Good evening, Honourable Minister. Since you have yet to respond to these questions and to my request for an interview in which I could pose them, I am taking the liberty of addressing you in this way. A week ago, Al Jazeera published a report and a video detailing the devastating effects on the health of residents of the former Unity State by the pollution of water with oil wastes. It contained shocking footage of a little girl crippled by this pollution. Corroborative evidence

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Breakthrough article from Al Jazeera

The South Sudanese government pursues increases in oil production for monetary gains leading to an increasing concern among locals for their health.
Click on here for the full report and video 
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Blockbusting, detailed reporting

On oil pollution in Toma South and Unity Oil Fields, which confirms fact that the environment ministry did go on a fact-finding mission.
Click on the link below for the full report
Eye Radio’s Joakino gives firsthand account of oil pollution effe...

Searing report in the Washington Post

‘Life is miserable’: Even when there’s food in South Sudan, many can’t afford it Women carry bags of food home after an aerial food drop by the World Food Program in the town of Kandak, South Sudan, in May. (Sam Mednick/AP) By Carolyn Thompson November 18 NAIROBI — If a teacher in South Sudan wants to buy a chicken for dinner, he would have to save everything he earns for two full months — and it still wouldn’t be enough. Five years of intense civil warfare have decimated South Sudan’s economy and killed an estimated 380,000 people. A third of

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