South Sudan delegation signs mineral satellite imaging agreement in US

September 16, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL, PR News Wire (TENNESSEE, US) – On Thursday 12 September 2019, a delegation from the Republic of South Sudan’s government, headed by the Minister of Mining, Hon. Gabriel Thokuj Deng, met with the executives of three corporations from Canada and the United States at the South Sudanese Embassy in Washington […]

Bangladeshi peacekeepers share their computer skills with Wau area government officials

August 26, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL (WAU) – Calestina Juuku Alfred, who works as a cashier in Wau’s Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare, had never operated a computer, until recently. “I did not know anything about a computer. I used commercial computer centres to type and print documents, […]

REVIEW: Five Indigenous Web Hosting and Design Companies in South Sudan

August 23, 2019, South Sudan NEWS PORTAL (JUBA) – We have chosen to review five indigenous web hosting and design companies, with a local presence in the country. They have been chosen because they have publicised their services on their own websites, and have local physical addresses and telephone numbers, […]