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A Chinese pastor based in Beijing has disclosed a very disturbing dream he had on Friday night last week. Pastor Po Wang Zang, a very humble man of God has been in the ministry for almost 3 decades before admitting God must be biased in his dealing with humans.

Speaking to members at his church on Sunday, Po Wang said, ‘Dreams are important to human’s life either literal or visualized. Anyone who doesn’t dream isn’t normal but one thing that disturbs me about this dream is the fact I found myself in heaven’

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‘I was talking to one of the angels when I saw tall dark people whom some appeared to have scarification on their foreheads. I asked the angel who they were and he said they are South Sudanese collecting firewood for cooking and warming themselves up in heaven’ He explained.

The source revealed that the pastor claimed the temperatures had dropped and the firewood collectors who were South Sudanese needed to warm themselves up and maybe eat something warm as they are not used to cold food and temperatures.

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What the pastor doesn’t get right was where the heck the rest of the residents in heaven eat. ‘Nobody offered me any food until I woke up’, He said. To him, he was a new arrival and felt at peace without worrying about food or anything but one thing for sure he admitted he saw South Sudanese were shivering as they collect firewood meaning the weather wasn’t conducive for them.

In his last remarks, he advises South Sudanese to get used to cold temperatures for he has foreseen that God has chosen a number of them to be with him in heaven only that they need to get prepared for the weather and be like everybody else minding their own business when they finally arrive unlike those destined for firewood collection in his dream.

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