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Chol Faints After Seeing Pornographic Photos

A renown business man trading first class clothes from Kampala and Juba recently met a sticky end after being crushed by a mountain of pornographic magazines in a hotel in Ntinda a suburb in Kampala.

The South Sudanese man, named as Adhieu Chol a 43-year-old man, was found fainted after his stash of porn magazines fell on him while naked.

Banange mujje mulabe omu dinka agude” literally meaning you guys come see a Dinka man has fainted.

Cleaners tasked with tidying up his neglected apartment found that the entire apartment was crammed with the explicit magazines.

It is unknown whether Chol had fainted from a heart attack and then fell into a stack of pornography, or whether he was crushed to faint by his X-rated collection. While shrink of water was poured on him, Chol a was speaking in tongues ” Yajamaaa Guac aba nok ë köl dë” while translated sex will kill me one day my people.

It’s been on record Ugandans girls often love mesmerizing south Sudanese counter parts with their bumpy curves.

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