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Coitus: 3 best places to never have sex in public

3 best places to never have sex in public

It's all fun and games until you get caught and embarrassed.

This notion of sex in public is really hot because it's forbidden! It’s naughty and illegal in most places.

So, if you are thinking of spicing up your sex life by taking it into the public square, take a moment and take note of these places where you should always avoid public sex.

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1. Near a law enforcement agency of any sort

Do not even think about doing it near a police, near a police car, nor near a police station. The same goes for getting it on at a courthouse. You are just asking for trouble all in the name of fun.

2. Beach

Getting down at the beach can be really hot. But there’s this thing, called the internet. If it’s night, you have some cover, so to speak, but if you’re having sex on a beach in broad daylight, do you really think it’s a good idea to have sex in public here, really?

You have nothing to hide behind, so there’s nothing to prevent someone from posting pictures and or video of you and your lover all over the internet, Instagram, or on free porn sites.

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3. Matrimonial bed with a secret lover

This really isn’t a public place but it still needs to be mentioned for some insensitive people out there. Apart from the fact that you are having an affair, which is a huge no-no! The cheater always gets caught by the wife/husband and a lot of the time it happens at their house! If you are going to cheat stop being so cheap and get a hotel. Or just get a divorce first. You just can’t afford to risk it.

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