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Coitus: 3 sex positions that make you look good

3 sex positions that make you look good

Many women avoid certain sex positions because they’re afraid their partner will see the cellulite in their backside.

Sex positions come in all variations, but not all of them will compliment your best body attributes.

So, if you really want to hide your least favourite body parts, below are sex positions that you’ll want to try.

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1. The cowgirl

The cowgirl sex position is also one you can use to flatten out your tummy, but it entails a little bit of energy in your thighs since your thigh muscles are what you will be using to move up and down on your partner’s penis. Straddle your partner and face him, but sit up tall and stretch your midsection out. Square your shoulders and flex your abdominal muscles to flatten out your tummy and make you look like a sexy stripper.


2. The doggy style

You may only think that doggy style is good for anal sex, but it’s actually great for g-spot stimulation too. Your partner will only be able to see your butt, your thighs and your back. Your stomach isn’t in view in this position, so you can let it all hang out. Doggy style is also great to use if you’ve just had a big meal or feel a little bloated.


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3. The missionary

The missionary sex position is actually very useful for concealing your upper and inner thighs, as well as your butt. If these are your “trouble areas,” you can wrap your legs around your partner’s waist during intercourse, keeping them out of his view completely. He will get a good glimpse of your breasts and tummy if he’s up on his knees a little bit, and even less if he’s stomach-to-stomach with you.

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