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Coitus: 3 types of sex you need to try tonight

3 types of sex you need to try tonight

Check out these types of sex that will turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Having sex in the same position and the same location can get really boring.

Below are types of sex that will turn up the heat in the bedroom or elsewhere and each type is amazing and satisfying in its own way.

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1. Make-up sex

This sex can be some of the best you or your partner have ever had. Especially after a big fight, start kissing your partner deeply and passionately. When they kiss you back, make a move to start taking off their clothes. This type of sex also has a way of making everything seem like the fight never happened, especially when you’re wallowing in the glow of an amazing orgasm.

2. Quickie

Just when you think you don’t have time to do the dirty deed, your partner surprises you by taking advantage of the situation and reaching a climax in record time. While many couples in long-term relationships get “tired” of having quickies, having a quickie is actually a great way to get the desire for pleasure out of your system in a short amount of time.

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3. The marathon sex

Instead of trying to do it as quick as you can, try to last as long as you can. Try going through all of the different positions you know, or breaking the record of how many orgasms you can give your partner in a row. You can prolong it by switching between oral sex, foreplay, and penetration, or you can take small breaks in between several sessions.

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