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Collusion and harmful actions against South Sudan peace process

By Roger Alfred Yoron Modi

For a very long time now since the war in South Sudan erupted in 2013, there have been accusations that some South Sudanese political actors together with others in the region and in the international community are conspiring to make South Sudan ungovernable so that the situation could be used as a pretext for the Country to be taken over by a foreign body in collaboration with those South Sudanese or have the country placed under the United Nations for some years.

As a journalist and South Sudan’s citizen, I followed and investigated this matter keenly in several ways over the years. In my findings, this conspiracy involves South Sudanese politicians who are not for genuine peace since they see themselves unable to compete with some of the current senior leaders in the Country even when there shall be a democracy, thereby they prefer continuity of war or a win of their conspiracy against South Sudan existence.

Those politicians have over the years placed their South Sudanese allies in strategic positions with influence into the affairs of the Country in order to promote their agenda, even ones that are against genuine peace.

- Dishonest efforts by foreigners holding South Sudan’s Citizenship

The second category of people involved in this conspiracy are individual foreign nationals who have acquired South Sudan’s citizenship by virtue of being in the Country either decades ago and those who got South Sudan citizenship in recent years through shady deals.

Some of those individuals were already systematically placed in several strategic positions since our previous liberation wars. The new ones also have now got positions in strategic posts with influence into the affairs of the Country.

The institutions, organizations, and bodies those conspirators are generally found in include: influential civil society and human rights organizations in the Country and the region, embassies of powerful foreign nations in South Sudan, religious organizations and very likely the security sector.

Foreign and local journalists are also involved in this conspiracy, though at different rates and not necessarily motivated by the same reasons. Those journalists I am talking about know what I have found out about them.

Over the years, those entire conspirators consistently continue to carry on with their conspiracy in several ways to ensure that South Sudan become ungovernable for the reasons I mentioned above.

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The problem is some of those who got into the Country decades ago are engaged in the peace process in a manner that they want to win against others, for some ulterior motives about their own historical wrongs, not a genuine search for peace per se.

On social media, the language of such individuals claiming to be South Sudanese have been consistently inciting, with no compromise for peace. It is easier to detect them when one looks carefully around the various sectors engaged in the talks. Giving many details about them shall not help the process as intended that is why the author has chosen not to mention names.

It is more harmful that, in addition to being in reputable organizations to damage genuine peace efforts, some of those individuals have key positions within the different parties to the conflict and they use those positions to fuel war and disagreements, instead of finding lasting solutions.

The allegiance of many of these individuals are not for South Sudan and it is very shocking to see why South Sudanese political and civil society actors would like to rely so much on advice from such people on very crucial national matters such as the ongoing peace process. In fact, they have seriously derailed how the civil society and even the religious groups ought to perform on matters peace in the current talks and all other important tasks in the Country.

However, there are those who are not originally from South Sudan but they continue to make honest efforts for a lasting peace in the Country. Those are known and we appreciate.

- A continues to fight against me personally

I have been a very critical journalist and I offer solutions for permanent peace in South Sudan, through my articles and journalistic profession in general. On one hand, the solutions I provide through my profession do not conform with the agenda of those conspirators who do not like to see a permanent peace in South Sudan any soon. As result, they continue to see me as an enemy. And further worst, they continue to be a source of insecurity and harm for me.

On the other hand, being critical of the government also continue to put me into threats.

The third major issue which I struggle with and finally made public is the participation of my mother, my step-sister, other members of my maternal family and others close to me in sustained efforts to harm me and end my life in several ways.

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In general, all those people from the first to the last category continue to try several methods against me my life, while I was in the Country and even when I fled the into exile over a year ago. I have reliably documented what they have done against me so far, including on damaging my health in several ways and other attempts to take away my life.

Their interests are both political and historical. The historical aspect got to do with their role or attempt to cover up for those who implicated or killed my father, Alfred Yoron Modi who was a journalist and chairperson of Justice and Peace Committee of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba during our last liberation war.

I have come to know some bitter truths which have been intentionally hidden from me over the years with regards to the killing of my father and since then my relationship with those people deteriorated, leading to them intensifying more efforts into their mission to kill or harm me.

I continue to believe that these matters shall be resolved peacefully, even though those people (my maternal family and/or in collaboration with others) have already seriously damaged my health, using different substances and approaches on several occasions, even up to recently. They have been so powerful to the extent that sometimes I had to tolerate them, just to avoid losing my life instantly, as I knew what they were capable of while my options were limited.

- Collusion with officials in reputable human rights organizations

Against me for example, South Sudanese and others working for reputable human rights organizations continuously exploited details about my security threats and planned and carried out harmful, deadly actions against me using the information they obtained about the nature of my challenges.

I have well documented these and they know very well that I have legitimately and successfully squeezed them and their conspirators into a corner they truly belong to.

In relation to that, last week, I posted that as a journalist, “I have enough evidence against several institutions, organizations and individuals trying to spoil the ongoing South Sudan peace efforts being made by the region but I will not publish, instead, as an incentive, I urge them to ensure an all-inclusive peace agreement and I urge the government, all the parties, the civil society and the mediation to speed up the process and signing of the modalities of implementation of the revitalized ARCSS as soon as possible and within the process of the IGAD-led HLRF. Speeding up the process means first officially releasing the signed Agreement on Outstanding Issues of Governance.”

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That is true. If I publish the evidence I have, including on how harmful some individual officials in embassies of powerful countries have been harmful to attainment of a genuine peace in South Sudan, several institutions and the talks shall likely collapse, leading to, I believe, a return to square one, when already a lot of progress has been made.

I shall continue to suffer all that they have done and continue to attempt against me but I would not like to be distracted from the fact that the time for a comprehensive peace in South Sudan has come. The government and all the parties have a chance to bring a lasting peace. This opportunity should never be squandered.

Finally, it is worth noting that this is just a brief information on the nature of harm done to me by those I mentioned herein. Their network and methods are wide. But they have never and shall never succeed for reasons they know very well, including the reliable, systematic documentation made so far. The people I intend to see read this article know the rest of the information. I have the details with relevant authorities, credible human rights organizations and journalists to follow up and publish in case that becomes necessary.

I just have to keep this short and I urge all to exert honest efforts for the sake of a lasting peace in South Sudan. In return, I promise I will neither prosecute any of them nor make their names public for the various harm they continuously executed on me.

South Sudanese and all looking for a comprehensive peace should take serious note of all the above-mentioned and seek appropriate redress for the purposes of attaining a comprehensive peace agreement.

Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, a South Sudanese journalist, is the former Managing Editor of Juba Monitor Newspaper and former Chief Editor of Bakhita Radio. He can be reached via his email:

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