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Commercial Companies


There are 10 Auditing firms that are all small. Most audits are performed by Auditors from neighboring countries. Please contact me at for any Finance, Accounting or Consultancy assignment: We also will assist in setting up your company and finding profitable investment opportunities..

Sudanese – 
ABC, Audit and Business Consultancy – Office at Juba town center
JY Auditors – Office at Hamza Inn (I am an associate)
Oryem for Audit

JY Bailey – Office at Smart Camp (I am an associate)

Ugandan –
Waulitz and Company
Goldstar and Partners
Global International Company

Mixed – There is a  small Delloite branch at D’Havanas restaurant.


These are one bedroom or single room apartments, air conditioned, self contained furnished with wireless internet and Satellite TV for a fee. The rooms are walking distance from the river and the football stadium. There is a small open bar for relaxing in the evening. The compound has a mix of small and medium single storey accomodation, stone, prefab or the owner, who is a contractor, can put up a house for you on order in two months. Price guide $2,000 per month, for those who want to cook for themselves or relax under a mango tree on weekends.

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SKYLINE Apartments
These are a three storey block of one bedroom apartments, air conditioned, self contained, very near the Airport. Its the first building on the Tong Ping road. Prices are around $1800 per flat per month. email, +249 923 662192

Global Properties (William Gichuhi and Partners)

As there are many apartments and houses being built and leased; like the one pictured below; it is best to seek advice from an agent. There are three well known agents. Global properties are located in Juba town next to Uganda Airlines on the same street as equity Bank, and are the most centrally located agent with a lot of available shops, land, houses, apartment, and cars for hire. The owner, William, and his staff are all over town looking for new apartments and offices and shops, so you will mostly find only one staff at the office who will call him on phone



“C” deals in courier services and cargo freight and also do clearing and forwarding all over the world. They are the best deal for a quick parcel to a neigboring country in hours. They offer delivery within Juba, Their office was is in Juba KCB building, town center, top floor as they are associated with Charleston Travel, but now they have moved to De Havanas next to Logali House.
+249 955 072778 Esther.


Juba errands specialises in small local errands. They are in Juba town, inside the ITech shop near Muthaiga Travel. The business is new and expanding., +249 955 029491, +249 955 271606 George

The major international Courier companies are here but they are very expensive and the parcels take a few extra days as they route parcels through a long international route throgh the North and change the exchange rate as well. It is cheaper and faster if sending a parcel to send the parcel through another means to Kampala and Nairobi and then ask someone to onward send by DHL/Fedex . The Post Office exists but I have onlly heard one person say he has a box, and he said a letter can take weeks to arrive:

Located in Juba town, +256 477112540.

Located in Hai Malakal, +256 477127441, +249 811820542/3,,

S.Sudan NEWS PORTAL:  Arkman Safaris

Located in Juba town, +256 1221444986


WorldWide Movers (Sembel Transport & Constructions)
Hai Malakal, Block AX III, +256 477104860 +25677105284

ADV Logistics (S) Ltd, Land Transporters
Location Hai Matar, +256 47717939, +256 77150669, +249 129615887,,

Southern Sudan River Transportation Limited
Location – Tong Ping, +256 47710254, +249 918472316

Wad Aiganoub
Location – Nimira talata
+249 12103427/126113998

RockShield International
Location – Riverside
+256 47747715/0968,


‘Creative’ Media Printing and Advertising
Creative are located just next to the ministries. They have a very friendly staff of six who are very helpful. They make brochures, business cards, banners, t-shirts, caps, posters, company profiles, and all other marketing products. +256 477130650, +249 955028753

DA-HIY Graphics Solutions
Publications, promotional and marketing materials. They are well known for publishing the free promotional ‘what’s up’ guide distributed to restaurants.
Location – Paradise Hotel, Hai Amarat, new airport road., +249 126260173, +256 477132844

Aptin Media Sudan, +256 477224386 +249 126626682


Editor, South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

Guide to Juba City, From Juba Travel Guide Archives, first published in July 2011 on the eve of South Sudan’s Independence.

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