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Communities still practicing witchcraft in South Sudan

It is not surprising that some of our communities are still practicing witchcraft in this era. We carried out a research which included a series of surveys and with no doubt we gathered information about a few communities still carrying out witchcraft.

A lot of bad things that happen in the country have been cited with witchcraft and we just can`t help but bring the individual communities to your attention.

1. Bahr El Ghazal 

Based on variant information we received, it is concluded that the leading community in witchcraft is Bahr el ghazal of the Dinka tribe. It is alleged that all small communities making Bahr el Ghazal have their mini gods called Bany-bith.

According to some interviewees, It is through witchcraft that Bahr-el-ghazal musicians are able to make names in the country even with single tracks. The claim is seconded by modelling industry and lastly government positions.

Many believe that Barh-el-ghazal people are the most prosperous people in the nation and it is because their success is rooted to supernatural favors.

2. Kakwa

The kakwa people of South Western South Sudan have a long history of witchcraft although the survey suggests that it is diminishing.

In the surveys we carried out, we are informed that you can not steal from Kakwa people else you will run mad or lose your way, meander and in the end find yourself in the same spot you picked what you stole.

3. Mundari

For the Mundari people, it is said in the survey that nobody messes with them especially their women. A living proof of their witchcraft is an Educated Zande gentleman who impregnated one of Mundari`s daughters and disappeared.

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The story did not end well for the gentleman as the father of the girl visited his cousin who is a witchdoctor and with their supernatural powers they implanted a vagina on the culprit`s forehead.

This was never redone until the dude passed away last year in his village after hiding from the public for almost half a decade.

4. Murle

The fourth community on the list are the Murle people. The questionnaires we handed out came with strange facts about how the community has been successfully raiding their neighbors and in return they don`t get raided or incur loss of any kind.

We are told that they have very strong witchdoctors who summon the youth and carry out strange rituals to protect them from the target communities before they go raiding.

5. Lotuko

Lastly the fifth community is Lotuko although they have minimal incidents of witchcraft. One of the survey participants narrated an event that took place in Torit towards the end of 2016.

The participant said that, a common thief named Arkangelo sneaked into one of his uncle`s yard and stole a well fed rooster. Arkangelo who managed to get away with the rooster made himself a very good meal that evening but unluckily he was waken up in the middle of the night when the rooster he ate started crowing in his stomach.

The gentleman faced it rough and was way too embarrassed when the crowing of the rooster woke up all his family members. It was towards dawn that he explained what he did and without a second thought he was taken to his uncle and the crowing ended after a heavy compensation.

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