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Countersignature of Lual Bul Manyok for Twi Community-USA Presidency

The destiny of Twi Community has been debated at the
public sphere.  Debate frequently
commenced at times of elections. Programs and great ideas have been debated.
Nonstop debates. And of cause Twi is a community of prolific and accomplished
leaders. In order for a community to seize a better future and excel in a
contentious era, her destiny is debated. It was not long ago that we had Manyok
Duot, Ajang Duot and Ajang Awai as leaders and chiefs of Twi at the headquarter,
Pawel. Their leadership and archetypal actions paved ways for a cordial and
healthiest relationship among communities and most importantly, in an
inter-clan relations. The thread that continues to tie our communities together
was derived from their exemplary leadership and chiefdoms.

What had nurtured Twi community to excel well comes or
stems from previous and today leaders. 
Hence, the current vacuum of leadership we strive to fill— produces
chaos and arguments. Even when it does appear like we have leaders but we don’t.
I am not in any way attacking this noble community. I am simply pointing out
state of our affair in diaspora. Most of us have left this community, and
literally embroiled ourselves in a filthy debates of Twi identity. Something
that is hard to debate and hard to clean. It is hard to clean too because the
name exists and folks like to debate it. People who were born into Twi, found
Twi and will leave Twi continue to speak as if Twi was born with them. This
argument had hurt this endearing community financially and  politically. We have experienced huge cause in
areas of social and economic implications. However, this is not the reason, am
writing this paper. I just want to paint a bigger picture for better
understanding of this particular issue. I want summarize this because it is
hurting community interest.

Nevertheless, we are haunted by absent of leadership,
Twi alone isn’t alone. Almost all communities are floating in vacuum. And this
is partially because folks who have skeleton of leadership skills wanted to
lead communities. And their lack of vision of leadership and skills brewed more
disorder and confusion. Twi had people with impeccable ability of leadership. They
have always elect leaders with superb qualities of leadership. It is only in
this era that we as members haven’t allowed person with such qualities of
leadership to lead our community. Well, I asked all members to elect such
person at this point of time. We, as a community and people should charter a
course for great idea and rally people along those ideas. Mission and vision
that are bigger than community and people. Bigger idea and good programs unit
people. Not cheap slogan.

Twi community in the United State lacks Visionary
leaders. We need a visionary leader that would enunciate developmental
programs. What united people are good developmental programs?  Better qualities of leadership skills unit
people. We need these qualities from Twi current candidates running for
presidency. In less month, I hope members elected that person.

I am informed that Atem Deng Angok hailed from my
mother side. He is my uncle. I have never met him. I don’t know him but I
cherished our blood relations. I would never comment on his skills of leadership.
I am yet to learn his character traits. I am also informed that Atem is a great
person from honorable family. Although, am also mindful that family and
nonprofit organization are separate. I also know that good qualities of a great
leader are derived from family lineage. Hence, Atem had potentials.

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I am writing because I wanted to be categorical in my
statement. I wanted make as crystal clear as I can. I urged all members in
diaspora to vote for Lual Bul Manyok for Twi presidency. Lual is a person with immense
accomplishments. I have known him for many years. He is visionary leader. If
elected, he will stay firm to noble cause of Twi community and secure community
interest.  Lual campaigns on “Twi One
Vision as his slogan. “The TOV campaign believes experienced and participative
leadership are requisites to managing a well-functioning organization that meet
the needs of its members. TCA-USA at this juncture should serve as a resource
to its members with the ultimate goal to help build new lives in the United
States, particularly by focusing on education, socioeconomic status, and
culture preservation. The team believes making education, socio-economic and
culture preservation parts of TCA-USA strategy, will strengthen members’ proficiencies
to overcome inherent systematic barriers that precludes migrant’s communities’
such as TCA- USA members from effective participation in “the American Dream”.
The TOV recognizes prosperous migrants’ communities in the United States are
those who makes education, youth engagement, financial literacy to heighten
socioeconomic status, and cultural preservation parcel part of their mission.
They also espoused inseparability through shared vison and as a result, commands
the highest level of respect irrespective of their ethnicity and country of
origin; and in return are well positioned to provide sustained and effectual
support for developmental programs for vulnerable members residing in the

Essentially, Twi needs community leadership and
interest realignment. Twi community needs  root awakening kind of new destiny.  And I believed Lual and his team would
provide new direction for this community.

I also wanted to ask Twi members to leave division
among their clans, and among themselves. Leave minor clan to clan conflict and
secure interest of Twi community. Let to prioritize programs and Twi destiny.
If you were rejecting a candidate because of accumulated issues or bad
encountered, please leave those and reconsider your decision. Family and
community do have conflict but the interest of community comes first. We all have
little egos. Let swallow those bitter pills in order to move our community forward.
It would be embarrassing if you don’t for right leader because of minor issues
in your own house.

I know, Lual Bul manyok. I won’t inquire anyone about
him. I have worked with him as a secretary of Twi-USA during Kuol Anyieth Kuol
tenure. I saw him investigating contentious issues in Twi. Lual had responded
to flood disasters, cattle raiding, massacre in Wernyiel, Mar-Paliau.  As a chairperson of Ayual community, Lual was
caught in a serious dichotomy. An epic dilemma in which some members in Ayual
community and Twi blamed him today. He was embroiled in chaos created by
different parties. Looking back today. We can all pronounced him as a leader.
Because he did not contribute to more chaos that were created by different
parties. I believed he had done his best.  We are not all perfect and we can never please
everyone. But as a person who had worked with him behind scenes and knows him,
I believed Lual responded and attempted to solve problems in his capacity as a
leader of Ayual community in diaspora and South Sudan. He came to leadership in
tempting and we can never indicted him by virtuous of being in leadership in
turmoil period.  

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I choose to support
Lual Bul  Manyok and Lual Deng Awan for
many reasons.  They both have confidence
to stand alone, courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen
to the needs of the others. Others can define a leader in their own way. But I
think a leader is an individual whose members follow without using resources or
coercive forces.

A good leader has to
have a futuristic vision. Lual team knows how to turn his ideas into real-world
success stories. Lual had assembled a team of accomplished leaders who
possessed impeccable skills management. They had supreme qualities of leadership and unquestionably integrity. They
can make great decision without influence. I do believed this team had important
ingredients which could make him a good leader. Good leader succeed when
he/ or she sticks to values and core beliefs. He will do just that.

We lived in United
States, and no one knows his audience and members better than one that had
lived with them for long time. Lual knows his house. If you sent me to
different house in dark, I would probably break everything inside that house.
Because I won’t know where kitchen, sitting room and utensils are. I won’t know
where things that can break are stored and things cannot break are stored. And
if you send me to my house in dark I won’t break anything because I know where
everything is stored and kept in my house. Atem came to United States recently.
I feared, if we send him to this house, he would break everything. Let send
Lual Bul Manyok, he knows his house. He won’t break anything. 

 The most difficult job for a leader is an
ability to persuade others to follow him. Lual knows history of our community
and his members in the United States. He had upper hands in inspiring all
members to follow him. He is kind of a person who think positively. This
positive approach is always visible through his actions. His actions can inspire others to dream more,
learn more, and do more for Twi community.  

We have many leaders,
and one of the best qualities in leadership is an ability to effectively
communicate his or her programs. Until a leader clearly communicate his vision
to members and strategy to achieve goals, it can be very difficult for a leader
to get good results. I have read his proposal in Twi One Vision. Lual had good
programs. And he had better ability of communicating these programs to its
members. Good communication is a pillar of great leader. Note that I am not
talking about lousy communication many leaders engaged in our communities. I am
not talking about chronic talking in meetings or public conferences. Good words
have the power to motivate people and make them do the unthinkable. If you use
them effectively, a leader can also achieve better results.

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Apart from setting
goals of futuristic vision, a great leader must have an ability to take the
right decision at the right time. Decisions taken by leaders have a profound
impact on masses or members. A leader should think long and hard before taking
a decision but once the decision is taken, stand by it. Although, most leaders take
decisions on their own, but it is highly recommended that leader get
advised before making major decision.

It is so important for a leader to hold membersaccountable for what they have done. We all
make mistakes but members or leaders must be allowed to work together to
improve on their flaws. Holding members accountable for their actions will
create a sense of responsibility among members and leaders.

Lual is the right
leader. He knows how to focus on key responsibilities and could leave the rest
of work to others. By that, he could empower his office members by delegating
tasks to them.  A leader that micromanage
subordinates, can develop a lack of trust among executive and more importantly,
it hinders him to focus on important matters. It is often procedural in
leadership to delegate tasks subordinates and see how they perform. Provide
them with all the resources and support they need to achieve the objective and
give them a chance to bear the responsibility.

What separates a leader
from members is an ability to envision. Lual is an innovative visionary thinker.
In order for a community to move, a leader must dissect different between
positive and negative thinking. Lual can turn negative thinking out there to
positive. Speaking from today’s fast-paced world, a leader must be creative and
innovative at the same time. Creative thinking and constant innovation is what
makes Lual and his team stand out from the crowd and other candidate. It is in
this context that I would ask members again to vote for Lual. If he is given a
chance, he is kind of a person we need at this time.

Lual possesses some of
the rare qualities of leadership. He had superb integrity, empathy, confidence,
commitment and compassion, accountability and effective communication. If he
given a chance, he could set a good example for others to follow. He had rare
improbable commitment, passion, empathy, honesty and integrity. He had good
communication skills and decision-making capabilities also play a vital role.
Lastly, he an innovative and creative thinkers, as well as the futuristic
vision, are a couple of key traits which make Twi Community stand out
again. Lual holds Bachelor degree and pursues his masters. Such community and
diaspora leader can be given a chance. Please vote for him.

Gabrial Pager Ajang, is
an author of academic book, South Sudan
Post-Conflict Challenges And Wild Ride to Independence

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