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Covid-19: citizens to get free food

Source: Eye Radio

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs says it will, in collaboration with WFP, soon start a door-to-door food distribution in South Sudan.

This is in preparation for possible Covid-19 outbreak, which has been confirmed in the neighboring countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

The pandemic has affected work and economy after President Salva Kiir announced preventive measures last week.

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“There will be a food distribution from house to house so that people could be able to get food assistance,” says minister Peter Mayen.

“This is very important because we are going to continue to encourage crowding at food distribution where many people come in.

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The distribution of food and non-food items is meant to cushion citizens, main the vulnerable groups, against its economic effects.

The distribution is expected to commence within 14 days.

Some governments, notably Rwandan and US – have started offering free foodstuffs and electricity and cash to citizens after announcing a total lock down.

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