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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Democratic Republic of the Congo Situation: At a glance UNHCR Regional Update (May 2019)

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Country: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Total number of refugees and asylum seekers.

4.5 M
Internally displaced people (as at December 2017) Source: OCHA.

1.1 M.
Planning figure of DRC refugees by December 2019.

Total number of Congolese refugees assisted to return in 2018.



  • The figures in this report were updated to reflect the results of continuous biometric registration and verification exercises in countries of asylum.

  • The figures include additions (new arrivals and births) and subtractions (departures, deaths, no-shows during food distributions and deactivations).

2019-2020 RRRP

  • UNHCR together with 56 humanitarian and development partners launched the 2019-2020 Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) on 11 December 2018 to help respond to the needs of Congolese refugees in Africa.


The interagency 2019-2020 Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) for the DRC situation received $85 million, representing only 12 per cent of the total requirements for 2019, which amount to $ 720 million (this includes revised financial requirements for Uganda).

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