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Diamond’s mum is stingy, says her Ben 10

By now you are well aware that bongo flava star Diamond Platinumz, 48-year-old mother Bi Sandra aka Mama Dangote has been married to her young lover for about two years now.

Well the narrative has been that Rally Jones nicknamed ‘Ben 10’ or Uncle Shamte, is with Mama Dangote for the money.

However, the two have maintained that they got married out of undying love for each other, even though not many people were convinced.

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The two live together in Diamond’s posh mansion in Dar es Salaam.

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Kasim, and her lover Rally Jones. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Kasim, and her lover Rally Jones. PHOTOS | COURTESY

One question that seems to be bothering the doubting Thomases is, if Uncle Shamte did not marry Mama Dangote for his son’s money, then what exactly does he do for a living?

Well, during the celebrations of Diamond and Tanasha’s son Naseeb Junior 40th day since birth, Uncle Shamte was present to answer.

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He insists that he does not get a single coin from Mama Dangote because she is so stingy maintaining they are together because of their love.

“Mimi ni mfanyibiashara ndugu yangu, nina gereji ipo Dar es Salaam hii. Nishawahi kuwajibu watu, kwa jinsi unavyomwona huyu bibiye (Mama Dangote) wewe ushawahi kumskia kahonga mtu (bankroll anyone). Huyu ni Kigwasu (stingy lady) kigwasu, vigwasu unawajua? Mpare hatari. Kwa hiyo hakuna mtu anayeweza kupata hela kutoka kwake yeye. Mimi huyu alikuwa rafiki yangu, urafiki ukatengeneza mahusiano, mahusiano yakatengeneza mke na mume na tulikutana Paris, France,” explained Uncle Shamte.

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Last month, while opening up on whether they are planning to have children together, Mama Dangote was categorical that she married uncle Shamte to have fun and not make babies.

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