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The ceasefire monitoring body has called on the army to enforce discipline on soldiers committing any violent acts against civilians.

In March this year, South Sudan’s army commanders unveiled an action plan designed to eliminate acts of conflict-related sexual violence which have been committed by parties in the country’s protracted conflict.

But the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanism or CTSAMVM said there are still reports of sexual gender-based violence committed by some members of the army.

This comes after two members of the South Sudan Peoples Defense Forces, SSPDF, were recently arrested by the police for raping a woman in Juba ‘suburb of Gumbo.

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“[The woman] later died of her injuries,” revealed General Desta Abiche, CTSAMVM Chairman.

He said such acts of violence are serious violations of the revitalized peace agreement.

“6 suspected rapists were arrested, including two soldiers from the SSPDF. This violation is attributable to the SSPDF.”

Genera Abiche told the 12th CTSAMVM Board Meeting in Juba on Friday morning that “the SSPDF [should] take all necessary actions to enforce discipline, and educate all their personnel about SGBV and [its] consequences.”

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The ceasefire monitoring body commended the police for arresting the suspects and arraigning them in the court.

Since the eruption of violence in 2013, the United Nations has documented “unspeakable acts of violence against civilians,” which may amount to war crimes.

It said despite the signing of a peace deal between last year, hundreds of women and girls have been raped or suffered other sexual and physical violence in South Sudan.

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The UN says women are mostly raped while fetching firewood, food or water – often more than once – as they lack any protection.

The surge in conflict-related sexual violence is attributed to many factors including the breakdown in the rule of law, the destruction of livelihoods, forced displacement and food insecurity, after years of civil war.

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