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Drunk street fight leaves Mabior almost paralyzed in Zanzibar

Former South Sudanese minister Mabior Garang is one fella who is fond of jeopardizing his life by involving himself in activities that are way too risky.

Mabior who almost overdosed himself into the grave in Tanzania not long ago has again involved himself in a drunk street fight in Zanzibar which almost left him paralyzed.

As reported by Radio Adhana of Zanzibar, Mabior visited Zanzibar city with two other South Sudanese and one Kenyan friend on Friday last week.

It is reported that the group of four rented a hotel near Kendwa beach where they pre-drunk before heading downtown for some fun time.

We are told that Mabior and crew were later joined by four ladies and together they enjoyed their time at Kendwa`s before taking a Limo to Ngalawa spice club where they partied until around 5 am.

One of Adhanas reporters named Mike reported that Mabior and his crew patrolled the streets after the party instead of heading back to their hotel. In the course of their roaming, it is said that none of them behaved at all and thats when they locked horns with a group of Zanzibar folks mixed with Jamaicans.

Whatever initiated the argument which led to a very serious drunk street fight is not clearly known but it is rumored that Mabior and the Kenyan dude were screaming at the antagonists calling them dogs in Swahili before the fight commenced.

Mike said,`An eyewitness pointed out that Mabior threw the first punch at a Jamaican guy and this led to crew to crew fight which lasted about thirty minutes`

Reports have it that Mabior and his crew had no weapons on them but the other group had at least 3 baseball bats on them. The source put it that Mabior was the center of the fight and a good number of baseball bat hits landed on him even after he was on the ground.

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Before the police showed up, Mabior and his group were outnumbered and beaten to pulp already although a couple of good Samaritans tried giving them a hand.

At the scene, the police picked the helpless buddies on the ground , called the paramedics and took them straight to Mnazi Mmoja hospital. Mabior gained consciousness after about 3 hours while his friends felt alright on the way to the hospital.

The source said that Mabior has incurred a lot of back injuries and he has not been able to walk since the incident but according to his doctor, he will walk soonest although it might take him weeks.

The police in Zanzibar City are looking for the group that jumped them. One fella has been identified as a runaway drug dealer from Jamaica and it is their hope that they start the case once they got a hold of him.

We are yet to hear about the follow up but all in all we wish our former minister a quick recovery.



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