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Erotica: How Sade slept with her landlord and stopped paying rent

How Sade slept with her landlord and stopped paying rent

In desperate times, Sade did what she had to do and she enjoyed it too.

Sade was in a dilemma. Her rent was due and she was broke.

She hasn't been paid for 2 months. Sade has asked her family and friends for money but they all said the same thing “the economy is tight.

A year ago she moved into her mini-apartment in Berger when she was still dating Tunde. They created a lot of memories in her apartment. They had sex for the first time in the apartment. They had their first fight in the same apartment.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon after three rounds of rapid-fire sex, Tunde told Sade about his business plan.

So babe I need like 450k to complete my investment in this project. Once it clicks I will pay you back with interest” Tunde told Sade.

She had a feeling that Tunde would never pay her back but her pussy was still wet from him fucking her like crazy. And as we all know, wet pussies and hard dicks make bad decisions.

Ok, no problem,” said Sade, “I will transfer the money tomorrow.” Tunde quickly kissed her and swiftly went down on her.

As Tunde licked her clit with amazing precision she didn’t think for a second that she was about to give her life savings to her boyfriend.

An orgasm and 5 months later, Tunde failed to pay her back. The scum stopped taking her calls and replying her messages. He disappeared from the face of the earth so to say.

Heartbroken and broke, Sade had no other option. Moving back to her parents was a no-no. She would rather be homeless than being with her overbearing parents.

Before stepping out of her apartment, Sade took a good look at herself in the mirror.

Her red sundress clung to her svelte cocoa body. The dress showed more than enough cleavage of her size C breasts. She decided not to wear panties to give her ass cheeks that extra bounce when she walked.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Satisfied she was looking hot Sade left her apartment to do what she had to do.

Mr Subomi, the 55-year-old widower had just come back from church when he heard a knock on his door.

He was still in his church clothes, grey suit and pants with a red tie.

As a landlord, he had always ensured an open door policy for his tenants. They could come and meet him about any issues they had about their apartments but today was not the day.

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It has been 2 years since Mrs Subomi had died of cancer. It was a great loss for him. His wife was his best friend. With her gone, his life had paled.

All his children were based abroad so Mr Subomi was a lonely man. He missed his wife terribly.

On Sundays after church, Mr Subomi preferred to sleep in the afternoon and hang out with his friends at a lounge close to his house.

Well, on this day, his Sunday routine has been disturbed.

After a second knock on the door, Mr Subomi decided to find out who was disturbing him.

Who is there?” he asked.

It’s me, Sade. Sir, I would like to see you about something” she replied.

Mr Subomi wondered what this was all about. He and his only female tenant barely spoke apart from the courteous Good Mornings now and then.

The landlord sighed and opened the door for Sade.

Mr Subomi did a double take. Sade, his tenant looked ravishing and unless his eyes were playing tricks on him, when he invited her in he could have sworn she didn’t have on any underwear.

Thank you, sir, for seeing me,” said Sade as she sat on his sofa in the living room.

Come on, it’s a pleasure. My door is always opened to my tenants.

Mr Subomi took a quick glance at Sade’s glistening boobs. They looked wonderful in her sundress.

Sade saw his quick glance and it gave her the needed courage to ask for his help. She moved a bit closer to him on the couch and started talking.

Sir I am in a bit of trouble.

What’s the matter, my dear. I hope it’s not too serious?

Well, I hope not. You see…I am a bit broke right now and won’t be able to pay my rent next week.

Mr Subomi remained silent for a few seconds. He mind started to add two and two together.

I see. You know my policy. I don’t give any room for defaulting tenants. It’s something I don’t allow” Mr Subomi said sternly.

I understand sir but help my condition.

Sade’s sundress had gotten to her knee that showed off her sexy ebony legs and toes painted sleek white.

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Mr Subomi for a second thought about what it would feel like kissing this young woman’s fleshy thighs. He rebuked the thought.

The landlord had not had sex since his wife passed away. He still had sexual urges but as a man of principle he never patronized brothels and was clueless on how to start a sexual affair in this day and age. He had been out of the game for so long.

But here was a young woman who obviously came to him to fuck him in exchange for rent. While his principles screamed no, his rising hard-on was telling him yes.

I don’t know what you want me to do,” he said with slightly less conviction in his voice.

“Sir please understand,” said Sade who looked at her landlord straight in the eyes, “I would do anything.

Sade’s heart was beating fast. She didn’t believe she just said that. What had gotten into her? Her utterance gave her the boldness to make her next move. She placed her hand on Mr Subomi’s knee.

His dick got harder just by her touch. It had indeed been a long time. Sade was a few inches away from him and he could smell coconut oil. No wonder her boobs glistened he told himself.

Now look here young lady…

Mr Subomi hadn't spoken a sentence when Sade went on her knees and unzipped her landlord. She held his dick, a good hard 7 inches, and looked him in the eye again.

You were saying?

All the blood in Mr Subomi’s body rushed to his dick. He couldn't think straight. His body felt hot despite the AC being on. Before he could say ‘Jack Robinson’ Sade’s cold mouth and tongue were on his cock slurping the life out of him.

His knees instantly buckled. The emotions came back to him, emotions of lust, desire, sensual rage and dominance.

Sade was still sucking the top of his dick when he pushed her head lower to take in all of him. She struggled for a bit before she had him in all her mouth.

Mr Subomi groaned like an old lion who was about to make a fresh kill. Sade went faster on him and stroked his balls. He couldn't hold it any longer, the tension that been building in him for the last two years erupted.

His cum came out like water out of a broken tap. It landed on Sade’s boobs hot and sticky.

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Mr Subomi was breathing hard from the oral pleasure he had just gotten. Sade was looking at the floor still on her knees.

Since Tunde had disappeared from her life, Sade had not had sex. She pleased herself with her fingers but she got quickly dissatisfied with them. She wanted the pleasure of having a man fuck her brains out.

Her brain became mushy when Mr Subomi plunged his dick into her wet cunt for the first time.

"Shit!" she moaned. It had been a while her pussy walls had felt that sensation.

Mr Subomi didn’t waste any time. His thrusts were swift and hard. For a man his age, he had power in his loins.

Sade closed her eyes as he banged her. She enjoyed the hunger of his dick for her pussy. She was a greedy bitch and wanted more.

Sade raised and stretched her legs so he could ram into her harder. Mr Subomi welcomed her invitation and became a raging bull in a china shop, wrecking her cunt with his rod.

Two hard thrusts later and Sade was about to cum.

Oh my God” she squealed. Her body was on fire. Her face had started to contort, a prelude to her cum face.

Mr Subomi continued with his pace grunting as he took in the pleasure of slamming a young, wet and tight vagina.

He could feel his sperm rushing to the top of his dick so he went in harder.

Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!" begged Sade as she was at the edge.

Sade’s first wave of orgasm clashed with her landlord’s thick cum. She went insane as he orgasm rippled all over her.

Mr Subomi’s spurts of cum made her cum hard, very hard!

Both landlord and tenant untangled after, lying in their nakedness and still reeling in the after effects of orgasm. They didn’t say anything. They just sat there on the living room couch in silence.

Sade got a text when she got to her flat.

Don’t worry about the rent. Same time, next week? Landlord

Before she could think of a reply, there was a knock on her door.

Who is that?” she asked.

It’s me Tunde,” said the voice at the other end.


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