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Erstwhile Sudanese President, Omar Al Bashir is the world’s dumbest president alive!

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

Believe it or not, the erstwhile Sudanese President, Omar Hussein Al Bashir was the world’s dumbest president ever alive! The man had been in power for 30 years since June, 1989; looting country resources, but didn’t learn a thing just like President Kiir Mayardit was a deputy chairperson to Dr. Garang for 20 plus years, but didn’t learn anything from him. Could this be something to do with militarism, or is it something they’d been trained at military academy Arabic schools in Sudan?

In December, 2018 when the “bread revolution” started, instead of making plans on where to go in case he gets ousted, he still sits in his palace with his entourage; instructing his trusted NIS “shoot to kill.” And the NIS did what they were told to do, but the citizens never backed down. The protests gained momentum through sit-in at army HQ, but still sits at palace with his walking wane, thinking that he’ll install his friends to power. And, in fact, he did, but the man resigned within 24 hours; betraying his camaraderie .

As things got hot in Khartoum, instead of flying out of the country or made a phone calls to friends or allied countries in Middle East where to go, and spend the rest of his 15-20 years with the money he looted, he continued to negotiate, that, “he’ll make changes,” something he couldn’t do within 30 years of being in power.

Finally, he got caught red-handed, and put behind bars, a prison he built himself, where he had been putting his opponents;tortured and killed by his trusted national security intelligence apparatus. Now, he had been transferred to the same notorious “White or Green house” he built when he got into power through coup d’e tat according to the BBC news. Isn’t that amazing? Karma is real, and President Al Bashir will drink with the same “cup of blood” his opponents drank for their last days on earth. Let’s Omar tastes bitterness of life! This could be a lesson to those leaders who think they’re powerful with their Russian made machine guns: AK-47. One day, those guns will be turned against them just like Bashir is going through right now. He’ll greatly miss his Gold brown-armed chair that he usually sits at the palace when his visitors visited him in Khartoum. Allah is Great to everyone!


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